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Laerdal CPR 3 Manikins Baby Junior Little Anne

1 990,00 
Used Laerdal CPR 3 Manikins Baby Junior Little Anne contains
  • Baby Anne CPR Manikin
  • Junior Anne CPR Manikin
  • Litlle Anne CPR Manikin with spare parts package
  • all with cases
Used, excellent condition

Lifepak 10 Defibrillator Ambulance Mount

Pre owned ambulance wall mount for  Lifepak 10 defibrillator Working, visual condition as pictured.

Vernacare Vortex Hospital Macerator

13 500,00 
Pre owned Vernacare Vortex Hospital Macerator with hands free opening mechanism and twin bladed maceration process.  disposable pulp maceration for free flowing drains. Year of manufacture 2016 Fully functional, very good condition.

Draeger 2M86793 O2 compact flowmeter, DIN CS

Used Draeger 2M86793 O2 compact flowmeter,
  • DIN CS, 1-15 L/min,
  • 6 mm nozzle
  • 0 – 15 L/min (0; 1; 2; 3; 4; 6; 8; 12; 15)

CHF Solutions Aquadex FlexFlow Fluid Removal

3 190,00 
Aquadex SmartFlow System, uses a simplified approach to ultrafiltration for the removal of salt and water in patients with hypervolemia, or fluid overload. Up to 500 mL per hour of excess fluid can be removed with no clinically significant impact on electrolyte balance. HCT sensor provides real time measurement of % blood volume change Used, very  good condition.

Stryker Steri Shield T4 Battery Charger

1 600,00 
Used Stryker T4 Eight Station Charger 400-655, with three 400-650 batteries. Good condition.

MVE XC47/11 Cryopreservation Nitrogen Devar

2 650,00 
Used MVE XC 47/11-6 Cryogenic Freezer with (6) 11″ Canisters (Capacity: 6,200 x 1/2cc Straws). Devar is complete and fully functional. Good condition.