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TOPCON OMS-710 ophthalmic microscope

80 000,00  69 000,00 
Used, perfect technical condition, Power supply: 230 V, Frequency: 50/60 Hz, The Topcon OMS-710 operating microscope has been developed to ensure the highest image quality during microsurgical eye operations, especially cataract surgery, The optical system and the mechanical structure have been specially designed to obtain the maximum "red reflex" and the optimum depth of field for the most frequently performed treatments, as well as the maximum operator comfort There are two types of the eyepiece attachment: A set of glasses with a fixed angle of 45 degrees, A set of glasses with the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination from 45 degrees to 90 degrees, Glasses magnification: 12.5x, Focal length of the lens: 200 mm, Magnification range: 4.2 - 21x, Smooth magnification adjustment, Filters: heat absorption, UV, First arm rotation: 330 °, Second arm rotation: 300 °, The operating panel with an easy-to-use touch screen allows you to quickly and easily change settings and programs, Compact base and longer arms ensure easy mobility and storage in confined spaces, Head height adjustment in the range of: 60 cm, Dimensions: Base: 70 x 70 cm, Height: 175 cm, First arm length: 40 cm, Second arm length: 80 cm, Weight: about 185 kg,

Carl Zeiss OPMI 1-SH S2B Surgical Microscope

8 500,00 
Carl Zeiss OPMI 1-SH Surgical Microscope with S2B Floorstand Used, fully functional 220-240 V power supply, Frequency 50-60 Hz, Light source: 12V to 100W or 6V 50W light bulb f=160 binoculars 12,5x eyepieces. f = 250 objctive lense. Magnification: x0.4 / x0.6 / x1 / x1.6 /x 2.5, Smooth height adjustment in the range: 110-180 cm (binoculars height) Ballast setting 3-18 kg S2B floorstand with built-in bipolar coagulation and light intensity regulation, Mobile with brakes, Dimensions: 82 x 90 x 170 cm, Offer does not include a footswich control.