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Carl Zeiss OPMI 1-SH S2B Surgical Microscope

8 500,00 
Carl Zeiss OPMI 1-SH Surgical Microscope with S2B Floorstand Used, fully functional 220-240 V power supply, Frequency 50-60 Hz, Light source: 12V to 100W or 6V 50W light bulb f=160 binoculars 12,5x eyepieces. f = 250 objctive lense. Magnification: x0.4 / x0.6 / x1 / x1.6 /x 2.5, Smooth height adjustment in the range: 110-180 cm (binoculars height) Ballast setting 3-18 kg S2B floorstand with built-in bipolar coagulation and light intensity regulation, Mobile with brakes, Dimensions: 82 x 90 x 170 cm, Offer does not include a footswich control.