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BK Medical PRO Focus 2202 Ultrasound Proctology

44 900,00 
Used USG BK Medical PRO Focus 2202 with proctological transducers:
  • 360° BK Medical 2050H rectal transducer 10,0-16,0 MHz
  •  360° Doppler BK Medical 8838 rectal/prostate transducer 4.0-12,0 MHz
  • BK Medical 8802 Convex transducer 4,3-6.0 Mhz
Used, very good condition.  

Olympus A2967 Optical Punch Grasper Monopolar

Used electrosurgical biopsy punch Olympus A2967 To use with Olympus Urology telescopes 12 degrees, 280 mm working length. Fully functional, very good condition.

Storz 27050D Electrotome Working Element

2 800,00 
Used resectoscopy instrment Karl Storz 27050D Unipolar, for use with torz Hopkins 27005 BA/BIA/FA/FIA telescopes. Fully functional, very good condition.

MEDIWATCH Portaflow Ezee Pzee Urodynamic System

3 700,00 
Used MEDIWATCH Portaflow uroflowmeter. Fully functional, Comes with new batteries, and all pictured equipment. Nearly perfect condition.

Endoscopy Set Storz Medi Pack Pal 20043020 + Storz 11272VP

30 000,00 
Used, Fully functional, Perfect technical condition, Set contains: 1) STORZ Medi Pack Pal portable endoscopic set 200430 20 2) Storz 11272VP Ureteroscope Bending angle: 210/140 degrees Direction of view: 0 degrees Viewing angle: 120 degrees Internal diameter of the working channel: 6.5 mm Working length: 370 mm