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BK Medical PRO Focus 2202 Ultrasound Proctology

44 900,00 
Used USG BK Medical PRO Focus 2202 with proctological transducers:
  • 360° BK Medical 2050H rectal transducer 10,0-16,0 MHz
  •  360° Doppler BK Medical 8838 rectal/prostate transducer 4.0-12,0 MHz
  • BK Medical 8802 Convex transducer 4,3-6.0 Mhz
Used, very good condition.  

Echson ALBIT Ultrasound with R510 rectal transducer

18 990,00 
Used small and simple and effective ultrasound scanner for general imaging. YOM: 2015/2016 Sony UP-D897 printer included. Comes with R510 rectal probe
  • 16mm diameter
  • 5,0-12,0MHz
Very good condition

ACUSON Cypress 08267219 Cardiac – Vascular Ultrasound

11 000,00  9 000,00 
Siemens Acuson Cypress 08267219 Cardiac-vascular ultrasound system for sale. Used, in very good condition. Comes with two transducers, Siemens Acuson 3V2c cardiac array 2-3 MHz and Siemens Acuson 2.0CW 2 MHz doppler transducer stored in a hard case. 3 electrodes ECG cable, two minidiscs, and instruction manual also included.